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When it comes to movie nights with friends, food is a must! These are the best snacks for movie night at home. They are: - Quick & easy. - Savory & sweet. - Great for a crowd.

Cheesy loaded waffle fries? Yes please! With bacon, melty cheese, and hot peppers, these waffle fries are crowd-pleasing & perfect for sharing.

Homemade soft pretzels are a classic movie snack! These ones are covered in seeds & served with bleu cheese mustard for a grown-up version.

Pecan chocolate chip cookies with brown butter are a decadent, buttery, and chocolatey treat! Honestly? So much better than candy.

Garlic butter chicken wings may not be a traditional movie snack, but they are amazing for a group! Everyone will love these crispy, buttery wings.

For an elegant appetizer, try this French cheese board! Use your favorite cheeses, fruits, nuts, & other add-ons. My favorite for girls' night in!

Spicy ranch snack mix is the ultimate movie snack! With pretzels, popcorn, Cheez-Its, Chex, & sandwich crackers, it's crunchy, savory, & cheesy!

Who doesn't love chocolate? These chewy triple chocolate brownies are easy, fudgy, and have a gorgeous shiny topping. They're the best!

Is there a better party snack than nachos? These BBQ chicken nachos with cilantro lime crema are made on a sheet pan for a share-able snack!

Little smokies in a blanket with puff pastry are so much better than a movie theater hot dog! Topped with everything spice & parm, everyone loves them.

Birthday cake donuts with vanilla glaze are a fun snack for movie night at home! They're easy to make and full of nostalgic flavor. So good!


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