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Me in a Nutshell

Hey, I’m Sara Lynn!

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Welcome to Sunday Table, my little corner of the internet fueled by cardamom, indie rock, tongue-out emojis 😛, and lots of coffee. Since 2012, I have been sharing modern, cozy recipes to make for dinner parties and get-togethers. In our house, more = merrier, which means that I’m pretty much always cooking for friends (and washing wine glasses).

From family dinners to BBQs to holidays, I grew up in the kitchen helping my family cook up delicious, comforting dishes. I also attended a four-year culinary program where I learned baking, pastry, and culinary arts. Now, I’m carrying on the tradition by hosting get-togethers and sharing my most treasured, crowd-pleasing recipes like pot roast with red wine and shallots and my simple strawberry and apple crumble.

I am originally from Las Vegas, but I now live in the beautiful mountains of Reno with my husband, Marc, my greyhound, Bertie, and my cat, Mabel. In my free time, I like to cook, play piano, visit local bars and coffee shops, do anything outdoors, drink bourbon, travel, and take lots and lots of pictures. I dream of someday visiting Japan, writing a cook book, and meeting an elephant IRL.

About Sunday Table

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At Sunday Table, I hope to inspire you to find a love of cooking and entertaining through cozy, modern, and made-from-scratch recipes. Through comforting meals, dinner party tips, and a cocktail (or two), I want to help you feel confident in the kitchen so that you can carry on the tradition of hosting Sunday night suppers, dinner parties, and get-togethers for family and friends.

Sunday Table is a go-to spot where home-cooks of all levels can find a variety of elevated, comforting recipes that require basic skill sets. Some of my favorites are braised pork ragĂč with gnocchi, cheesy mashed potatoes with rosemary, and chewy coffee cookies!

I also help beginner entertainers feel confident having friends over with party tips, menu ideas, and more. Whether you’re looking for brunch party ideas or want to throw your first intimate dinner party, I want anyone who visits Sunday Table to be able to produce a meal that is beautiful, high-quality, and always delicious.

So welcome, friends! Let’s gather around my virtual table, get cozy, share a bottle of wine, and chat. And if you ever have questions for me (or want to work together!) just drop me a line at

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